Imperfect human, loved by a perfect God

Do you ever feel like your not good enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? Do you feel like you’re insufficient? 

Let’s be real, we all do at times!

 None of us are perfect. I spend so much time trying to be “good enough”, when in reality I don’t need too. I’m an imperfect human filled with flaws. I have weaknesses, problems, struggles, but I also have a perfectly flawless God that I can go to in the depths of my weakness and struggles. 
We are all filled with imperfections, and seeking perfection will only lead to disappointment. Instead try seeking a perfect God, where we can find real, pure, blissful joy & happiness. When you seek God and find His joy & peace your imperfections won’t matter, because we have a God who will love us despite the times we fail Him. He will make up for all our imperfections and flaws with His divine love. His love and peace is so indescribable, I can’t even fathom it, but yet I’m SO thankful for it! 

Remember especially during this month where we celebrate His birth to shine, share, and seek His light through our imperfections He can shine through us!  

          Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. 

Sometimes that’s all I can say 

to find peace, strength, and clarity.

He is enough – always enough.

    Much love,

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