It’s December 27th and in four short days it will be a new year. A new year filled with new opportunities, new chances, new ways to grow and learn. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this quote and I had to share.

When you start to feel

like things should have

been better this year,

remember the mountains and valleys

that got you here.

they are not accidents

and those moments weren’t in vain.

you are not the same

you have grown and you are growing

you are breathing, you are living.

you are wrapped in




and things will get better.

there’s more to you than yesterday.

The quote made me realize, that no matter what pops up in life that its just a chance to grow. The mountains and valleys, its all just an opportunity to become a better person, the person God wants you to be.

SO much can happen in a year, it can be good or bad, but no matter what it is its an opportunity to become  a better person.

This year I’m focusing on growing and learning. Growing into the person God wants me to be and learning more about His word and world. I want to learn something from every single thing that happens in my life throughout this next year. There is no limits to learning and I love that. I think sometimes we as humans think we’ve gotten to a point were we don’t have to learn anymore. Where we can just go through day after day and not have to grow as a person. But why? There is always room to grow and learn more about God and this world.

Be open minded and you’ll be able to learn so much.  You can always become more kind, forgiving, loving, giving, courageous. Don’t get to a point where you think you’ve reached the limits of learning and growing, because with God there is always room for becoming a better person. I hope you all take time to focus on growing and discovering more this next year. Read more books, go on more adventures, drink more coffee, go outside, learn and grow. Happy New Year ❤

Much love,


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