Past, present, future

Do you ever have those type of moments where you just look all around at life, think, reflect, and then suddenly your mind starts to think back to the past? The past where there are memories of hardship, trials, pure joy, sorrows, flowing laughter, terrifying moments, and the adventure your life has been. The past is a place where many don’t like to think back on for a mistake they could have made or some terrible incident. Tonight I think back on the past, the joyful + horrible moments. I sit here thinking how thankful I am for all the people that have came into my life whether they are still here this very day or not. Every single moment of my life has been a learning experience. I’m not dwelling on the past, just thinking how amazing all the good + bad turned out to be. The good left me joyful memories and fantastic stories, while the bad was a time to learn from a mistake or become a stronger person through the trial that had taken place. It overwhelms and brings me joy to think that a past trial could help a person in the future. Not because someone is going through a hard time or because the trial was easy to go through. No, it brings me joy, because the trial wasn’t in vain and by Gods grace + help it makes us a stronger human being. To know that the trial was for a reason and to know that God can use YOU to be an encouragement to someone else going through the same trial in the future. The past helps the future, so be strong through any trial thats in the present. After all God gives the hardest battles to his strongest warriors. With HIS help there’s nothing you can’t face. Learn + grow from the past, live every moment of the present, and go forward to the future with a kind, courageous, confident heart. 

Much love, 


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