My testimony. 


Hey, friends! Today marks a special day for me and this is why ->>

Here is my story.

Today, 9 years ago I made the best decision of my life. Today, 9 years ago I began my journey and relationship with Jesus Christ. Today, my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness for what Christ did for me on the cross. 2.26.08 

I remember the day like it was yesterday, my family was in the States on furlough and we were staying at a missions house in Lansing, Michigan.

 I remember I was having a pretty rough day, and I was sitting in the bedroom kind of having a pity party for myself. A few minutes later my mom came and sat with me, we began to talk and somehow we got on the subject of whether I was saved or not. I remember her asking me if I knew where I would go if I died. Then the realization hit me that I didn’t know and I became scared. 

As a 7 year old girl I never really thought about it, and when she asked me I knew that I needed to accept Jesus as my Saviour at that very moment. I knew I was a sinner and needed to be saved by His Grace. That day I prayed with my mom and asked Him into my heart. 

Ephesians 2:8 (KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 

I will always be thankful to my mom for caring about me and where I would spend eternity, but my true thanks goes to God, for without Him I wouldn’t have ever even had that choice to make.

I remember how much joy my heart held after I made that decision. I felt like the happiest 7 year old girl that had ever lived. I remember running to my dad to tell him and then calling my grandparents and telling them. 🙂 

Fast forward 2 years, when we were back in Peru, South America. At our church  there I took the next step of faith in believers baptism. 12.13.10 – it was such a special day. It was a Sunday and my brother, sister, a close friend, and I were all able to share that special day and step of faith.  

Now, fast forward 2 more years to the summer of 2012. My family spent a week at junior camp (Twin River Baptist Church), my dad was the guest speaker that week and I don’t quite remember what night, but he preached on giving your life to God. Surrendering it all. God touched my heart that night and I made the decision that night to serve God in any possible way He would see fit to use me. 

I’m thankful for His mercy, love, forgiveness, and grace, but I’m mostly thankful and humbled by the fact that he would want to use me. 

I cannot fathom how a Creator, so divine would be interested in a soul like mine. 

Now, I look back to the year of 2015 where I think I truly started to grow more in my faith and relationship with God. 

2015 was a completely insane year for me, honestly. It was the year that I found out we would be leaving the place I had always called home and honestly, I’m not proud of how I first took the news I’m rather ashamed. I can now say that I definitely didn’t have the faith and trust in God that I should have.

 The very thought of leaving the place I had always called or known as home completely crushed my heart. I didn’t understand, I mean we were serving God there why would He want to move us? It made no sense to this 14 year old girl. I had friends, friends that had become my chosen family and I couldn’t see why we had to leave them or maybe I could, I just didn’t want to accept the fact. 

Leaving people and a place you’ve grown to love so deeply is beyond hard, but looking back now I see how selfish it was of me to think that we needed to stay there. Looking back now, I see that Peru wasn’t the only place that needed the Gospel. I now see that there are others who need the Truth, others in a completely different country and it was entirely selfish of me to think that there wasn’t.  I now see that Peru had people who were sharing the Gospel and that there was and is so very few shining the Light here in Italy. It took a long time for me to see that and to even accept it. To this day it’s still hard for me to accept at times.

 I’m so thankful that God was and is patient with me though. I’ve failed to trust Him over and over again, yet He stood and stands by my side every step of the way. 

Leaving Peru, traveling all over the USA for 1 1/2 years, and then moving to Italy was the most faith building experience and I’m thankful for every moment of it. I’m thankful that leaving Peru taught me it’s just a “see you later” not a complete goodbye. I’m thankful for all the amazing opportunities (camps, youth conference’s, etc..), and  dear friends I got to make while being in the states. I’m thankful that God taught me to just have a little bit of faith and everything would turn out according to His plan when my family moved to a country that I wasn’t entirely excited about. 

                           Sicily, Italy.

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  

God used a big move that I completely dreaded to draw me closer to Him. Sometimes in life God brings us through things that we don’t understand just to get us to draw closer to Him. A little bit of faith can go a long way and things will always turn out according to His perfect plan. 

She looked back and marveled how far she had come…She didn’t wonder how she made it…She already knew the answer. Only with God’s help she powered through. For without His strength she could do nothing. 

  Abundant blessings,


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