The Art of Adjustment by an Mk 

Oh, hey there! This is a post about us mk’s, about how we adjust to the chaotic life we live, and how we learn to absolutely love it.

One day we suddenly get told that we are going to move and live in a completely different country. We get told that our family is called to a place to share the story of our Saviour with others. We kinda get filled with wonder, fear, and excitement.

Mark 15:16 (KJV)

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the earth, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

We are told that life’s gonna get a little crazy, but it’s ok, we’ll get used to it and we do.

We’re filled with tremendous amounts of fear and excitement, as we prepare for this unprecedented adventure.

We go place after place meeting new people, falling in love with new places, and meeting some family members for the very first time. Only to end with a “see you later”.

We’ve learned to adjust to constant change of life, new people, and new places.

We’ve learned to make friends quickly and to look forward to every new place as a new adventure.

But all of that adjusting doesn’t make it easier. It doesn’t make the goodbyes painless. It doesn’t make making new friends easy. It doesn’t make every new place a comforting home-like place to us.

We’ve learned to plast on the “everything going to be alright and I’m excited about what’s ahead missionary kid” face and we tell everyone that we are so excited about where we are headed and in part it is true, part of us is truly so excited, but it doesn’t make the goodbye and change part any easier.

It doesn’t make meeting new friends, learning a new language, and culture any easier. Yes, we’ve learned to adapt, to be flexible to the constant change in our hectic life, but that doesn’t make it easier. We feel every goodbye oh so deeply. Every time we say “HI, what’s your name?” we can only think of the dreaded goodbye ahead.

Don’t get me wrong we love our insane life so very much, but there’s a side that not every one sees. There’s a part that we don’t show or share with others.

Every goodbye fills us with pain and sometimes we even question if meeting new people or falling in love with a new place is worth it, because we know we won’t be there for long. We know that there’s a goodbye ahead. We’ve left a piece of our heart in every place we’ve been to and we get ready and try to face every new goodbye with boldness knowing that a piece of our heart is still going to be left there.

In the end the answer always becomes clear to us though. It’s SO worth it, because others get to hear the gospel, because others get to hear of His unfailing love, because others come to know where their home is when they leave this world.

You would think that we just get used to the goodbyes. I mean, we do it so often and some of us do get used to it, but for some of us we feel that goodbye deeply. We leave wondering if we will ever see that person on earth again. We leave wondering if they really will keep in contact. We leave realizing that we just crossed paths for a moment and that they soon will only have a vague memory of us and we of them.

We pray that we maybe could have made a small impact in that person’s life or in that new place.

One thing that we’ve become so thankful for is the fact that we have an eternal home in Heaven and that even though we feel that painfilled goodbye, it’s really just a “see you later”.

We’ve learned the art of change and adjusting, it’s either made us compassionate or stone hard. We know with each new hello that there will be a goodbye and we feel the pain of leaving a friend or family. We also know that it’s worth it. We love to make an impact and we love to be able to share of His unfailing love. Despite the pain and constant change we love the life we live

We love the life we live, because we know other lives are being changed by it.

We love the life we live, because we get experiences and opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

We love the life we live, because we learn to make friends and love others everywhere we go.

We love the life we live, because we’ve learned that color, language barriers, and cultures doesn’t matter. A big smile and “Hola or Ciao” will make a friend just as well.

We love the life we live, because we’ve learned to be grateful for the little things. (Like free refills, Arby’s, American candy, peanut butter, and so many other things.)

We love the life we live, because we have the opportunity to learn a new culture, language, and people group.

We love the life we live, because our parents have literally shown us that it doesn’t matter what it takes, but that if atleast one soul is lead to the Lord it is worth it.


And he saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

We love the life we live, because it makes us who we are.

We love learning so much about this wonderful world, despite some of the cons.

We oh so very much love the life we live.

– M.grace

Just thought I’d share a small part of us mk’s that not everyone sees or knows and I hope that it showed you just a little bit more about us, not for pity in any way, but just to know that we feel the pain and every emotion that goes with a goodbye or “see you later”,  we still truly love the life we live and it’s oh so worth it. ♡

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