Seasons of growth 

One year ago today I took a deep breath, stepped off this plane with my family, and slowly opened my eyes to a country I had never seen or been to before. Without realizing it, it was a new season in my life that I had just taken a step into. A season of growth.

If this past year in Sicily, Italy has taught me anything at all it would be to trust the change God has placed in my life.

Moving to Sicily was so very different then what simply going back to Peru would have been. More challenging than I thought it could be, but the greatest part about it, is that we serve a God who can change our hearts and carry us through.

It wasn’t like a deputation in America and then going back to a place where I knew the culture, language, and people. No, it was so different. The culture, people, and language was so diverse from what I knew.

I stepped off this plane into a “new world” in my eyes. I didn’t know the people, culture, or language and it left me kind of unsure and scared of the whole change thing.

I want and am going to be real here. I really wish I could say change is easy for me and I wish I could say I just go with the flow with things, but the truth is change is hard. Change is beyond hard for me to accept, but God knew this was a change I needed in my life. He knows that change isn’t easy for me and that’s why He did it. He wanted me to grow in my Christian life. He wanted me to let go and give it all to Him. He wanted to stretch and mold me more for His will. He wanted me to realize that He was in control, everything would work out, and that I would understand the change in His timing. Even if I didn’t understand or realize it at that moment I look back now and clearly see that God put this past year as a season of growth in my life, to draw me closer to Him.

If God is bringing you through a season of growth just know that He is doing it for YOU. God wants to see us grow in our spiritual life. He desires for us to cling closer to Him during challenging times.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (KJV)

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

Ever have those days where everything seems so unclear? You don’t know why this thing is happening in your life and you may go as far as asking God why? You may even think its unfair? I have, but I’m learning to just seek Him during those times. He knows. He has a perfect plan and the days were everything seems so clear and true are right ahead, so just keep going. One day you’ll look back and realize that God really does have his hand on every little detail in the situation and all you have to do is trust Him.

God knows our needs better then our very own selves do.

God knew I needed this past year in my life. He knew that I needed to refocus, take a deep breath, enjoy the slower pace of life here, have a more normal school year, and seek Him more fully.

Personally, I like a fast pace life. I like to be busy, I get bored easily if not, but God is teaching me to just BE STILL, to seek Him wholeheartedly, and to trust.

Psalm 46:10a (KJV)

Be still, and know that I am God:

 At first it seemed so incredibly hard. There was many hidden tears, an aching heart, and a longing to do stuff so I could get my mind off of this huge change that had just taken place in my life.

That’s not what God wanted of me though. He wanted me to see the change, accept it, and trust Him.

I look back on this past year in Sicily and see the memories, the tears, the laughs, the heartache, the sorrows, and the joys that have taken place. God has taught me so much here that I wouldn’t have learned any where else. He has taught me a new language, culture, and people group. That only came with accepting the change that had taken place in my life.

He has taught me to be still, to learn and love a slower pace of life, and to step out of my comfort zone more and more everyday.

He has taught me to love our small town, church, and people deeply.

“Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation, because He is trying to change your heart. “

When God brings challenging times in our lives He desire’s for us to accept them with faith, to learn and grow closer to Him during those times.

He places these mountains in our lives to strengthen us. Even if it may be hard we should take those mountains and climb them with faith. Some mountains are bigger then others; more challenging. But when you tackle them with faith it inspires and encourages other Christians to do the same with mountains that pass through their life.

God has an amazing purpose for every change or challenge He places in ones life. He may ask you to walk down this road with a few bumps in it, but learn to trust Him and His reasons. Because one day you’ll look back, it will all make sense, you’ll be able to see your growth and why God had placed that time and situation in your life. It was to stretch and mold you more and more for His perfect will and plan for your life.

Walking along life’s journey,

with God by your side.

He gives you this mountain,

to tackle with faith.

He carries you through,

while you might feel alone.

He holds your hand,

and guides you through.

– M.R

Blessings, Moriah

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