Take that step.

May 31, 2017

I slowly walked up to the front of the room preparing myself to give this speech to my family for school. A speech that I simply did not want to give, even if it was only in front of my family; fear was building up in every inch of my body.  I was telling myself from the very beginning when I was writing and rehearsing  it that I wouldn’t be able to do it and every inch of the little bit of courage I had slowly slipped away with every word that I practiced. I then sat there, getting ready to write some more notes for my speech when this thought hit me in the gut.

*How are you ever suppose to tell strangers about Christ if you can barely give a speech in front of your family? How are you ever suppose to be a witness if you can barely talk for seven minutes in front of your very own family?

I then realized that this speech was something I could learn and grow from. I realized it was helping me take a step out of my comfort zone. The fear was still there as I walked up to the front of the room, but instead of telling myself I can’t do it. I told myself I could. It’s a step outside my comfort zone, but I  need to at least have the courage and faith to try.

Yes, it may appear like such a diminutive thing to some, but being the only one talking for 7-10 minutes (I didn’t even get that far) was something that made me uncomfortable (which I’m sure seems laughable to some). Sliding into the background and hearing my other siblings speeches sounded so much more relaxing to me, but that wasn’t the point.

To grow we must learn, to learn we must experience, and to experience we must fully and undoubtedly fill our selves with faith and the courage to try.

So much in life involves stepping out of your comfort zone. We’ll never know what tomorrow will bring, but we must be prepared to step out and trust.

We don’t need to worry or fear, because we know Who holds every second of our day.

Do you think Peter wasn’t afraid when he stepped out of the boat and unto the water?

Do you think Daniel didn’t fear being thrown into a den of lions?

Do you think Abraham and Sarah weren’t worried about where God was taking them?

Do you think David wasn’t filled with fear when he had to face a giant?

Do you think Job didn’t lack a little bit of faith when he lost all he had?

Do you know that God wouldn’t ever put you through anything He didn’t think you could handle?

Do you know that God is capable of using you in so many more ways than you could ever imagine?

He does it all for you. He does it to stretch and mold you oh so much farther than you thought He could. He gave Peter the faith to step out on the water, He took Daniel’s fear away and closed the lion’s mouths, He showed Abraham and Sarah the way and gave them the faith, He gave David the courage to defeat a Giant, and He gave Job the faith to keep trusting in Him.

It can be something as small and so insufficient seeming as giving a speech in front of your family, but if its a step out of your comfort zone which could lead into doing more for Christ, its a step in the right direction.

The lack of faith we have sometimes amazes me (trust me, I’m telling this to my self also.)

We worry, we fear.

We don’t trust in our all-knowing, powerful, God.

Yet, the one’s who truly had things to fear, worry, and be discouraged about were the one’s God filled with faith and courage.

They were the one’s God used in a mighty way. I’m sure they had doubts and I’m sure they worried and were filled with fear at times, but yet they kept on trusting God. Yes, Peter started to sink in the water because of his lack of faith. But remember he was the one that had enough faith to step out on the water in the very beginning. Yes, I’m sure Daniel was terrified when he was thrown in the den of lions, but he was the one who kept on praying and persevering with faith in God when everyone else backed down with fear. Yes, I’m sure Job had some doubts during that trying time and he could have given in at any moment with the temptations that were swirling around him, but yet he remained faithful.

These people aren’t anything special, they were simply used by God in such a powerful way. They remained faithful to God and look how each and everyone of their lives were used in such an incredible way.

Everyone of these people had to step out of their comfort zone. Everyone of them had to take a step into the faith zone. Everyone of them had to have the courage to know that it was in God’s hands.

I’ve challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone this summer, to do thing’s for Christ that I normally wouldn’t have the courage to do, because with each of these people we should see that God can use anyone of us in a mighty way. We can see that if we simply have the faith and courage to take that step He can use us.

I often look at other people’s lives and whisper admiringly to myself “I wish God could use me in such an amazing way as He uses that certain persons life!” In reality He can, but I have to allow Him too. Most of the time I’m just to scared to take a step out of my comfort zone to allow Him to use me as fully and capable as He can or desires too. Which really restricts God’s work in my life, so my challenge for this summer is to step out of my comfort zone and I challenge you too. Whatever this summer holds for me, I’m trusting Him.

Psalms 31:24 KJV

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Whether its being a better witness or in anything else, I don’t want to put a restriction on the work God can do in my life and the lives of others.

God is completely capable of using us in extraordinary ways, lets not put a restriction on the many ways He can use our lives for His glory.

Blessings, Moriah

2 thoughts on “Take that step.

  1. Thanks for writing this post. 🙂 Sometimes it’s so hard to do things, and even harder to admit that we struggle with things. Praise the Lord He works through our weaknesses for His glory! ❤

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