The Waiting Period 

Hey, Rebekah here! Just sharing with you all something that God put on my heart. I hope it can be a blessing.

Romans 8:25 (KJV)

But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

  I’ve moved a countless amount of times in my life, from the time I was two years old and had my first big move (across the world) and really, since than I haven’t stopped moving. Because of that, I had never realized how amazingly simple someones  life could seem compared to my own until I moved to Italy a year ago and by then I was just weary of moving so much, and I felt like the possibility of changing my entire future to something easier seemed so much better, even though I had no idea what my future would be like anyway. After a life of traveling and moving a countless amount of times, a life of permanence and limited change, rooted friendships and knowing a town like the back of your hand, and having a place to call home seemed amazing. I wanted to feel like I had a home,  I felt so lost in the world, I didn’t have a place and not moving again, well it practically offered me one. I wanted to finally just stay somewhere, the idea of it seemed perfect. Right now, I should say, having a place to call home is not a bad thing, but so far in my life it has not been what God wanted for me, if moving to Italy could have been my last ever move, I would have gladly accepted it. But, I had my home in heaven and I had to realize that was enough, I had my step by step directions shown to me in His perfect order and I wasn’t sure where I’d be in the future, but right now, right now I knew that I had to keep my path clear, I didn’t need to have my whole life planned out. I had to accept that I didn’t know where I was going with my life, and I had to accept that I was in a ‘waiting period’ for God to answer me in his perfect timing. Since I’ve accepted that I’ve felt so much more at peace and experiencing life has been so much more enjoyable, taking day by day not worried about when it will all change again. I can honestly say, that if I continue to move to different countries and continue to live this amazing nomadic lifestyle, I would do so happily. I surrendered my life to do whatever God wanted me to do, and by that, I now mean anything, and accept that part of that is simply waiting. A lot of kids my age are in that waiting period, trust me I’m there too. It’s like you’ve finished or are almost finished with school and you feel like everyone else your age is going to college or starting the next stage of their lives and you feel like you are just staring at a blank wall and you really want to do what’s right, but shrugging every time someone asks you about your future gets old fast and you want to tell them something, anything, and to be honest you want to have an answer yourself. In that period, I’ve come to realize is a test. A test of faith, and in this test, you have the options of worrying about the future, or trusting God with the future. Because honestly we’re pumped and full of energy, we want to be doing things, we feel ready for the next step and we feel like we are wasting time just sitting here and waiting for God to just say ‘I want you to start a ministry in PaPa New Guinea’ because hey, by than anything is better than nothing. I think that sometimes, well ok all times, God knows we need to stop, we need to think, we need to put all our faith in Him and enjoy life while we are still young. We still have room to grow, and to learn, we have this amazing opportunity to stay in prayer and continue focusing simply on Him and His blessings, we have this time to train to be in the Lords army. Maybe waiting is His way of saying ‘you aren’t ready for the amazing things I have in store for you yet’. Maybe, this ‘waiting period’ seems like it’s never going to end, but I want to remind you of two things right now. First, that you aren’t alone, their are so many kids who are in the same place as you right now. Trust me, none of us actually know what we are doing, we’re all just sort of winging it. And second, learn from this time, don’t be continually in question, because you can get so concerned about following God in the future that you forget to learn from Him now, I was in that same place, I just wanted an answer, or more like  a ten year plan handed to me with what college to go to, how many years I would be going, the last name of the person I was going to marry, and what country I would end up officially calling home. Now I’m learning to wait, and I’m learning to enjoy life every step of the way, and I’m learning that it’s not easy to give it all to God but it’s definitely worth it. Just because every adult you know is expecting you to have you life together by 6 pm this afternoon doesn’t mean God is expecting you to, and I’m not trying to disrespect these adults, don’t get me wrong they have amazing advice and are great spiritual leaders in your life, they mean well, and they don’t intend to pressure you in anyway, it’s just how they show that they care. (who knew I was an adult whisperer am I right?) Hey, We’re all in this together, and we need to just let God move in His amazing way right now. We need to focus on improving ourselves spiritually, learn about ourselves and learn to put our faith in God. The waiting period isn’t fun, but I promise it’s worth it because God is with you the whole way and amazing plans are on the other side of it. Make the right choices right now, be ready for the tests He’s going to throw at you, stop focusing on the temptation to worry, and on the temptations the devil is going to give you in this waiting period, and start focusing on God, start reading his word and spending time in prayer. Constantly remind yourself that it’s ok to not know yet because you are in the Lords army and that means you are on, what my dad calls a ‘need-to-know-basis’ which means you won’t know until you need to know and even though it doesn’t seem like a good thing now, you will realize that it is a good thing. It builds character, its builds trust and teaches you to put your faith in God, it’s trains you for the future, and gives you patience. Ha. So, so much patience. I’m writing this, because I need it just as much as some of you do. I’m writing this, because I stopped pitying my clueless self and looked around, and than looked closer. I noticed fake smiles, I noticed pretending not to care, but most of all, I noticed the burden of worrying about the future on every one else’s shoulder the same way it was on mine. A little secret, I hate being the same as everyone else, it’s childish I know, but when I realized my burden was like everyone else’s I dropped it like a hot potato. Now, I want you to drop it too, drop it at the cross, give it to God.  Focus on learning right now, focus on encouraging each other to do right, and stay patient, God is still moving but we need to obey when He calls. Be willing to learn, and to wait, so you can be ready.

Rebekah Rice 


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