dear lonely one, you aren’t alone.

PC: Rebekah Rice

Hebrews 13:5 (KJV)

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

I know how it feels when the devil completely attacks you with his lies.

I know, he will often make you believe that you’re all alone.

I know, because he has often tricked me into believing this as well.

Coming from an mk, tck, and someone who has moved around a lot thoughts of loneliness, sadly, weren’t a rare thing.

They were often pain filled, heart-aching lies from the devil.

A year ago, I would have and often did believe his horrible lies:

 You are never going to make friends. You don’t fit in, your just to different. With the language barrier and cultural difference, don’t even try. 

There was so many long nights, because the devil often attacked and I believed his peace robbing lies.

With a life filled of introductions and then soon after goodbyes, with many hellos and then shortly after a “see ya later” it was easy to believe these lies.

I had heard it many times “God is always with you. He’s your greatest Comforter.” but I often didn’t want to believe it.

My stubborn self often refused to believe the truth, my stubborn self refused to let it sink into my heart. By not believing the truth, the devil would use the opportunity to completely tear me down, his lies were so great I often felt lonely, upset, and discouraged.

There didn’t have to be tears or an aching heart if I would have just believed and accepted the truth, but the enemy’s lies were so great I was blinded for a little while of the truth.

I wanted to believe that, though my friends were scattered all across the world, we could still be close friends through social media and I could say goodbye to the loneliness that often crept in my heart.

The truth is, although I still have many friends that are so dear to me, the thoughts of loneliness will still be there if you refuse to believe that God is your greatest friend and Comforter. I assure you when you begin to look at the thousands of miles that lay between you and them, when your friend has a life that she/he needs to live and you have one that you need to live in two completely, different places the loneliness will begin to creep in, and if you don’t believe the truth, the aching heart and tear-filled lies will rob you of your joy and peace.

It wasn’t until I accepted the truth and let go of the devils lies by accepting that Jesus is my source of peace, was when the lonely nights began to slip away.

There are two things that have given me peace and comfort beyond measures when the lonely thoughts began to creep into my heart and I pray they can help you as they did me.

  • God’s Word.

His Word was such a comfort to me whenever the devil began to trick me with his horrible lies. I accepted the fact that Jesus really is my dearest friend and I can now go to His Word, read it, and feel a complete peace and knowledge that He really is always with me no matter where I am in this world.

  •   Prayer.

Prayer isn’t just something to do when you’re in a time of need. Prayer is talking to your heavenly Father, daily. It’s having a relationship with Him. It’s going to Him during the good and bad.

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? – Corrie Ten Boom

I want to challenge you, if you ever have thoughts of loneliness the best way to defeat them is to grow in Christ – read His Word, and spend time in prayer. I promise, it will give you true peace.

While social media is great and I’m honestly so thankful for it because I’m able to keep in touch with my friends. I just want to remind you that it can’t give you a peace like having a relationship with God and reading His Word can. It may take away the loneliness for a little bit, but not completely, you have to believe that God is your greatest Comforter before the devil’s lies can be crushed and the lonely nights will drift away to never be seen again.

I challenge you, when you get up in the morning dont reach for your phone, spend some time in God’s Word instead.

This used to be a struggle for me, I would grab my phone first thing every morning. It wasn’t until I learned that God had to be more of a priority in my life that I realized I could find peace, joy, contentment, and grow in my relationship with Christ. It was something I had to change, so I challenged myself to reach for my Bible before I even looked at my phone. I’m definitely not perfect, I still struggle some days, but it has now become a habit to begin my day with God.

Social media won’t and can’t take away loneliness, only God can.

Since accepting that God is in control, that He is my dearest friend, my Comforter, my peace, and my strength I’ve been able to have true joy and peace. It all begins with humbling yourself, spending time in prayer, and believing His Word.

I promise you, He is your greatest friend, your biggest Comforter, and your source of peace, now it is just up to you to believe that.

blessings and love,


4 thoughts on “dear lonely one, you aren’t alone.

  1. This blog post is so so amazing and beautiful…. I’m going to work my hardest on taking on your challenge, to read my Bible and to put God first because I’ve been feeling lost from him lately… and Honestly, when you said that you are thankful for social media!! Same here girlie…. truly I talk, and connect and meet more friends on social media then I do in real life…. because sometimes itd hard to make great connections with people at my public school. Thank you so so much for this message it really helped open my eyes to see that I really need to understand that God can give me the greatest comfort…. and that He is my best friend!! Also that he will never make me feel lonely… He will always what to make me feel wanted and loved !!

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