Gratitude Journal Challenge 

Hi friends! I’m doing a journal challenge, just for you!
It’s only a week long one and if it turns out to be a hit, I might do a month long one, who knows!

I’ll have some pictures below to give you some ideas on how I did it, but I want to encourage you to get creative in your own way and be you!

For my writer/journal friends or anyone who is interested, I wrote down seven questions for each day of the week. The questions are going to be based around thankfulness and gratitude, I hope this is can be a way for you to get a little creative and to focus on the things your thankful for this month!

  1. Who in your life are you thankful for?
  2. What season are you thankful for?
  3. What’s one small thing you’re thankfuk for?
  4. What place are you most thankful for?
  5. What book are you thankful for?
  6. What in nature are you thankful for?
  7. What holiday are you thankful for?

I’m going to give you all an example with pictures of what I did for the first one, just to give you all a few ideas!

Question: Who in your life are you thankful for?

Answer: my family.  I know, it’s more than one person, but really I couldn’t just pick one!

A few thing you might want or need.

  • washi tape
  • glue stick
  • pen
  • notebook
  • scissors

Instead of simply writing “my family” down for the answer, I wanted to get a little more creative and explain in a deeper way why I am thankful for them. So, to do that I printed out some family pictures, cut them out, and glued them to the paper. I decorated it with doodles, washi tape, and made a list of why I’m thankful for each of them. Doing this creates and shows a deeper meaning of thankfulness.

I had so much fun doing this and I really hope you’ll take the time to be creative and focus on the things your thankful for this week! If you’ve never done journaling, its okay, I’m new too, let’s learn together! Also, if you do it post a picture on Instagram and hashtag it with #quintessentiallylivingjournalprompt I would absolutely love to see your work. Have a good week!

sending love to you all,


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