New Year Journal Prompt 

Hi friends!

I just can’t believe 2018 is almost here, it’s crazy. What an absolutely incredible year 2017 has been, filled with so many amazing adventures. I’m thankful beyond words for all the wonderful people God allowed me to meet this year and the opportunities to see so many astounding places.

But I’m not here to ponder and reminsce on this year, so to get to the point..I created a five day journal prompt with questions of self-reflection for the new year. I’m beyond excited to begin it and I would love for you to join along!

These questions are meant to have thought put into them, so you can have some goals for this next year and find out a little more about yourself!

I think it’s so important to create realistic goals while having a purpose and plan to reach those goals, of course God’s plans are far greater and we should be willing to change our plans for His, but it’s still great to have a vision. If not how would we ever accomplish anything?

Here are the five questions.

I’m putting them up today, so that you’ll have a few days to think on them or if you want to even get started today, that’s just as great!

I hope these questions will help and prepare you just a little for 2018. It’s so exciting to imagine what God holds for us in this New Year and how He plans to use us, let’s give Him our absolute best.

love and blessings,


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