3 Good Habits for the New Year

This past year I worked on establishing good habits in my life whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically and it really has made a huge difference, so much that I want to share them with you for this new year!

I think it’s so important for one to have good habits in their life, here are the top three that I learned over this past year.

  1.  Mornings are for Jesus

To me, this is the most important one. It truly sets the tone for the rest of the day. It’s a time where you can forget about all your problems and focus on the One who makes our problems seem like nothing, because He is far greater. I encourage you to begin your day with Jesus. No matter how busy your day is, there will always be time if you decide to prioritize it. I have no regrets for ever putting Him first in my day, but the regret is always there when I don’t. Set that alarm, get that cup of coffee, and get your day started right! If you’re totally not a morning person and just can’t seem to focus in the morning, that’s alright. I still encourage you to set a time aside to focus on Jesus.
  2.  Find an exercise routine you enjoy

Health is so important. Whether it’s simply going on a walk, doing a stretch you enjoy, bike riding, going on a run or doing an intense workout – find something active that you personally enjoy doing. Try new, different things and see what works best for you! I mean, if you have time to spend an hour scrolling through Instagram or Facebook I think, maybe, we could put some of that time aside for something better. Also, keep an exercise log! It really helps to stay on track, reach goals, and motivate you to get that exercise time in.

3. Put your phone down

Not gonna lie, this one can be hard. But instead of spending countless hours on our phone, there’s numerous amount of other things we learn and be doing. Everything from enjoying the presence of the people God has blessed our lives with, exploring the outdoors, reading a book while sipping on a hot cup of tea (or coffee – your choice), baking a cake, working, watching the sunset, drawing/writing, just truly living. I don’t want to look back on my life and see myself sitting in front of a screen for hours, but rather laughing with the people I love, trying new foods, exploring the outdoors, reading good books, growing in faith, and so much more. There’s a beautiful world to explore and so many awesome people to meet, don’t miss it because your face is an electronic. 🙂

2017-12-14 08209166312..jpg
Those three habits made such a difference for me in 2017 and I hope they will for you throughout 2018. I also want to say, that just because they’re habits I’ve made in my life, doesn’t mean that I apply them daily. There are days where I completely forget about them or fail to do them. I’m still learning and growing, I think that is a huge part of it though. I believe everything in life takes practice and without failure, I feel like there wouldn’t be much learning or growing. Sometimes failing is part of the process, as long as we get up and try again. If you miss a day, it’s completely alright, you can always try again tomorrow. Don’t stress it, just try your best!

until next year,



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