Finding peace in the midst of chaos.

PC: Rebekah Rice

Philippians 4:7 (KJV)

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Today is day one of the March Journal Prompt Challenge and the question is:

  • What gives you a sense of peace?

I have a funny, although a little bit embarrassing story that I want to share with you.

Back up about 5/6 years ago in my life, my family was on furlough in the States and we were at a lake going tubing with some friends.

(quick pause)

I want to share two facts, before I get any farther into the story.

  1. At that point in my life I had this crazy, irrational fear of sharks. If you asked me what my biggest fear was, that would be it. Still to this day I don’t know why, but I was beyond terrified of them.
  2. Ok, secondly, I knew that there was no sharks in the lake, I really did, but when your terrified of something my theory is that you lose all common sense.

(resume story)

As I was saying, we were at this lake and I was so excited to go tubing for the first time in my life. My sister, a friend, and I all climbed onto this huge, orange tube. We got all settled and seemingly took off flying across this murky lake water, the innertube was bouncing all over the place and before I knew it I was barely hanging on to the tube with one hand. I was basically IN this nothing-like-a-pool, seaweed covered lake water. The murky water surrounded me and my irrational fear of sharks started flooding through me, and there I was beginning to panic. Y’all I knew there was no sharks in the lake, but there I was screaming out loud “Shark! Shark!” as my heart beat began to increase by the second. Fear of something that wasn’t even possible took over every inch of my body and although it’s a laughable story now, right in that moment I had never been so scared. My heart didn’t stop racing until I was safely back on the tube headed for the shore.

Now to sum up my story with the journal question.

How often in life do we fear a certain situation we’re in?

How often do we begin to panic when in reality God is right there protecting and helping us in the midst of the chaos?

I was so afraid when I was in that lake, but guess what? I came out completely unharmed. I don’t know, maybe you’re in a certain situation that may seem incredibly scary, but I want you to find peace in knowing that God already has the ending figured out. He hasn’t abandoned you. He hasn’t left you to fight that certain circumstance all alone, and in the end everything will work out in His perfect way. I hope that you can find peace in knowing that although it may be a little scary right now, it’ll all be okay. There’s no need to fear, because God is right there holding your hand.

God didn’t let Peter sink in the water.

He didn’t leave David to fight Goliath alone.

He didn’t abandon Job in the midst of many trials.

He won’t leave you to go through this at times, completely overwhelming and chaotic life, alone. Find peace in knowing that He is right there with you.

You know, I didn’t feel at peace until I was safely back on that tube and headed for the shore, but what if while I was panicking in that lake I decided to focus on how big my God is, instead of how terrified I was of sharks? That’s my question for you- We so often don’t feel at peace until the trial is behind us, but what if during the trial we decided to focus on how great our God is instead of how overwhelming that trial is? I think if we just focused more on God during the hard times, we would be able to find peace during the trial (when we need it most) instead of after it’s already over. My challenge for you is to figure out what gives you a sense of peace during the trial? Maybe it’s something as simple as spending time in God’s Word or praying. I don’t know, but I want you to find that one thing that draws you closer to God when the trial is threatening to pull you farther away.

I want you to be able to find peace in the midst chaos.

Love and blessings,


4 thoughts on “Finding peace in the midst of chaos.

  1. Moriah, you are a sweetheart with a great heart and mind for seeing spiritual application in life’s situations. Keep your eyes on Him. Love you young lady.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Got a good laugh reading this! My family owns a boat and sometimes landing in certain parts of the lake is always freaky, sharks or not!
    You have a wonderful talent of writing, letting God speak through you is a humbling and powerful thing! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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