Are you courageous?

I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word courage, but I imagine it to be a characteristic of a person being awarded for some remarkable, heroic act of bravery.

However, I’m beginning to shift my mindset on what I think the meaning of courage really is. I’ve been contemplating it for days.

I know a lot of us couldn’t possibly be qualified as courageous in the minds of many people, because when we think of courage, we think of some outstanding, heroic act being accomplished.

But I wonder, I wonder if courage could be something as quiet as a whisper.

I wonder if it could be something miraculous for one person, but ordinary enough to go seemingly unseen by the rest of the world.

I wonder if being courageous is something as simple as humbling ourselves and doing the stuff that no one else would dare do.

I wonder if courage is to push past failure.

I wonder if courage is taking that step out of your comfort zone not for others to see, but for God.

I wonder if courage is asking for help instead of letting your pride take over.

I wonder if courage is going the extra mile without expecting applause.

I wonder if courage is loving the unkind.

I wonder if courage is boldly stepping out in faith.

I don’t think to be courageous you have to do some outstanding and brave act for all to see, no, I think the people who quietly go about their day praying for the lost, going the extra mile without expecting nor receiving applause, who are kind and loving despite the actions of others, who don’t seek praise but simply have a servants heart, the ones who may go unseen and maybe unthanked at time yet they still. go. forward.

I think, perhaps, those kind of people are more courageous than any other, because they valiantly go forward day by day without seeking the worlds approval. They don’t seek worldly praise, but are fully confident in knowing that if they’re pleasing God, that alone is enough.

Honestly, I wholeheartedly admire and aspire to be one of those people. They’re so rare and if you’re one of those people, thank you. You don’t go unseen. You make an impact. I hope you keep doing what you do, because this world needs more people like you.

With all my love,

Moriah grace

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