Romanian people, beautiful country side, and Australian missionaries.

PC: Rebekah Rice

Where does one begin when pouring their overflowing heart out from a four-day excursion to a new country?

With every adventure, I’m always reminded of how humbling and good it is for one to take a step out of their comfort zone from time to time. My heart is full and I’m so content to be back in the familiarity of my surroundings. Although, the past few days have been extraordinary.


Palermo, Italy

Sometimes the depth of my fear collides with the attempt to leave my comfort zone which then often leads to missing out on special opportunities He so perfectly places right before me whether they’re small or big sized.

However, God opened the doors and provided in the sweetest way for myself, Rachel, and Rebekah to venture off to Romania for a few days.

We took the step and by His strength, didn’t allow fear of the unknown interrupt the tremendous opportunity that He had placed before us.

By the end of it all, I can simply say, Romania quickly slipped its way into my heart.

From the beautiful greenery of the countryside and authentic Romanian people to the adorable homes and tulips everywhere, it was an overall amazing four days.


Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania

We were so blessed to be able to visit the Crocket family, missionaries from Australia to Romania. They were beyond kind to allow us to stay with them and show us around the beautiful country of Romania, as well as giving us the opportunity to see their ministry there.

We had the privilege of attending three Romanian church services on Sunday. It was a beautiful experience. I’ve always admired the fact that despite language and cultural barriers we all serve the same and only God.

The Romanian music/hymns were absolutely lovely, but my favorite thing was the people.



People, no matter what religion or language they have or speak, have and always will be my favorite thing about visiting a new, diverse culture.

I know that behind each beautifully created, unique face, there is a story and my heart aches to hear it word for word.

PC: Rebekah Rice

The country church, forty-five minutes away from the city, especially held a special place in my heart.

PC: Rebekah Rice

I may not have known the Romanian language and they may have not known Spanish nor Italian, but a genuine smile carved the beginning of a friendship between the contrasting cultures and language barrier we faced in only but a moment after introductions.

PC: Rebekah Rice

The people’s pure joy was completely contagious and brought a wide smile across my face and gratitude to my heart.

PC: Rebekah Rice

I was reminded of something important about life while I was there.

It all started with this one sweet, older gypsy lady who attended the country church. She enthusiastically told us about her grandchildren (it was admirably noticeable that she held an immense love for them) but there was one thing she said that hit me quite hard. After telling us about them all, she said three simple words, “Sunt foarte bogat” translating to “I’m very rich”.

I was humbly reminded that things, popularity, looks, etc… matter so very little compared to the people around us.

I think, so often, we put material possessions above relationships with one another in our lives.

By what the world considers rich, these sweet people wouldn’t have ever qualified, but in a sense, they were the richest people I had ever met.

Their hearts contained a rich, joyful spirit that I could only ever strive my best to have. They didn’t have much, but they loved what they had and that…that was humbling. Who knew someone could learn so much from a little church out on the Romanian countryside in only a few hours? I feel immensely grateful for the sliver of time we were blessed to have spent with those dear souls.


On Monday morning we were up and at it ready to fill the day with exploring the city, having a picnic on the countryside, memories, laughter, and seeing massive salt mines.

I don’t have many words to explain what a beautiful day and time we had, so pictures will have to suffice.

We were absolutely blown away by the salt mines. We took a big bus deep and way under the mountains through a narrow passageway which lead us to a huge opening of walls, floors, and ceiling all carved by salt. There was even an orthodox church along with many other things down there!

Afterwards, we explored the countryside and had a picnic with the Crocket family who had by then become dear friends.

PC: Rebekah Rice
PC: Rebekah Rice
PC: Ariella Crocket
PC: Rebekah Rice
PC: Rebekah Rice
PC: Hosanna Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Bro. Crocket
PC: Rebekah Rice

I can wholeheartedly say it was a wonderful experience and I’m so beyond grateful to be able to share a little bit of it with you!

Love and blessings,

Moriah grace

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