Are the in-between moments really so insignificant?

Hebrews 12:2

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

I guess you could say I’m currently caught in the midst of hello and goodbye.

Between new beginnings and old.

Bounded amidst an in-between season of life that requires patience, endurance, strength, and mostly faith.

It’s terrifying and thrilling all wrapped into one and its kind of hard to understand.

But I’ve realized one thing throughout this season.

Faith is not a feeling.

It’s not mixed emotions.

It’s not an “I choose it one day, but not the next” kind of thing.

Faith is something to be lived out every single day, and even when I fail to do so, He continues to wrap me in His never-ending grace.

It’s a truth that continuously remains even when my feelings seem to contradict it.

I’m grateful it’s not a feeling because one day I would be excited and the next not, and it would never really end.

It would be a cycle of feelings that can hardly be understood, but when I began to realize on a deeper level that God and my faith, is and should be completely unchanging, it made all the difference.

With an ever-changing missionary kid life, that’s the one thing that remains constant.

No matter the bitterness that may at times quietly linger in my heart nor the frustration that may come with a constantly changing life.

Of finally being able to recognize a glimpse of familiarity in my surroundings and then watching it slip away.

Of waving goodbye to known things for the seemingly hundredth time.

Of once again having to step outside my comfort zone.

Of striving to love another place and people.

Of learning that there is so much more to life than my feelings and desires.

It’s in the midst of change and chaos, that I’m always brought back to the cross, to His love and grace.

It humbly reminds me that what I do (my family does) is only but a glimpse of what He did and does for us, daily.

It’s a gentle reminder to selflessly give my all, which is a privilege that I often take for granted.

Despite the nomadic mk life I live and love there are days where it’s not all sunshine and joy. There are days where its tiring, yet its on those days that I’m brought back to His everlasting love. To the beginning of my faith. To the core and foundation of why I choose joy on this journey He has set before me.

I don’t know. Maybe, like me, your human and tend to struggle as well.

I simply want to encourage you that no matter what we feel, what obstacles we face, or what big change may occur in our lives from time to time, that ultimately He paid a far greater price and maybe, however insufficient it may seem to be, living a life of immense faith is a way we could give something – anything – back to Him for what He did for us.

I’m learning that it’s those in-between moments that strengthen our faith and I wholeheartedly hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to grow in Him instead of grasping onto the rigid edges of bitterness so tightly.

There is a purpose for the seemingly insignificant, in-between seasons and it’s simply up to us to live it out.

Life is beautiful, but it’s also challenging and I think there’s something to be learned through each and every season. Let’s strive to give our all for Him!

Love and Blessings,

Moriah Grace

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