Hopeless dreams and hope-filled pages.

Do you ever sense a dissolving sentiment of hope until only doubt is left and carefully written through the pages of your story?

Do you ever wonder what path this fascinating, yet fearsome journey will lead you to?

Sometimes, I tend to feel as if I’m simply meandering through this simultaneously, coexisting miraculous, yet monotonous life which half often feels good for the soul while the other half fails to hold meaning and leads to an entirely exhausting sense of hopelessness- to be wandering, with no destination nor desire to live for something or One- that is.

However, I’ve learned an overabundant about intentions, faith, dreams, ideas, purpose, ambition, and initiative throughout this year and even though I may exceedingly fail to live wholeheartedly for Him during occasional, desultory moments of my life, as everyone tends to do from time to time, I still see glimpses of growth quietly lingering between the lines of each page ever so swiftly written across the crisp, white background gently staining it with the reality of who I am from each failed attempt to the rarity of achieved success and I think that counts for more than one could imagine it would.

And even though, some weary days, when I seemingly fail to endeavor towards the purpose He has for me I’ve learned that it doesn’t make me (nor you) any less of a person, it simply makes us human.

It doesn’t make His purpose for our lives any less significant, but more sententious to step forward into His will.

It doesn’t decrease the possibility to be used by Him but increases it.

It doesn’t define our fragile hearts, but the faithful hope He offers.

It doesn’t end our story but simply creates a new chapter.

Because when we realize our frailty and the depth of our weakness it creates a place for His strength to intercede in a way that will glorify His name and not our own.

And in the end, we’ll look back and see that throughout each in-between moment heavily stitched together with purposeful intentions bursting through the clouds of hopeless dreams lingering like illusions in the depth of the horizon, we’ll finally see that He holds a far greater purpose for our lives than we could begin to imagine.

So keep stepping forward by faith and soon you will see the beautiful story He is writing for you.

With all my love,

Moriah grace

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