Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes while I silently sit in the stillness of dawn and my mind drifts to a world of wonder. I imagine how each of our lives could be if only we would live for the One who fills our lungs with breath and gives us the strength to face each day.

I wonder about the drastic difference it would make in our lives if we chose to live each day as if it was enough.

No more, no less.

To simply know that He created us for a purpose being not for our own names to be glorified, but to bring Him glory and letting that alone be enough to satisfy our needy hearts.

I often wonder.

I wonder if instead of wishing for materialistic pleasures, we could humbly learn to be content with what He’s already blessed us with.


I wonder if instead of wishing for different friendships, we could treasure the ones He has purposefully placed in our lives.


I wonder if instead of wishing we were somewhere else, we could find joy in serving where He has us.

I wonder about the difference it would make in our lives and even the ones around us if we strived to live like that, because the unfortunate reality is that you can’t reach your illusion of enough nor the reality of who you wish you were if you keep chasing after it day by day. It suddenly transforms into a cycle of never being enough.

At some point, you’ll run out of breath and the dreams of constantly wanting to be the prettiest, most popular, perfect person around will transform into a bitter taste of disappointment leaving you only with another sad reality- the unachievable illusion of who you wish you could be wasn’t and hadn’t been correctly aligned with who He created you to be all along.

And maybe, each moment and picture taken, words written and compliments said, every coffee sipped and book read, each dear friendship and little gift, the sweet smell of wildflowers and basking in the sunshine, every hug from a loved one and each little smile, maybe it all was enough to simply see glimpses of His love etched into each day and maybe praising Him for those precious moments would make more of a difference than one could imagine it would in a world that can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of small moments, sincere gestures, simple kindness, anymore.

I think that by wishing to be and have more only to put on a performance for others is more often than not the ones who end up, unfortunately, losing what could have been so much.

I’ve learned that this world doesn’t need more popular, pretty, or seemingly perfect people. In fact, I think it needs less of that and more who are kind, patient, pure, humble, and unafraid to be a light for His glory.

Don’t let this world take the simple beauty of a humble, brave, and kind heart away from you.

Don’t let it take away the joy found in the depth of each little moment, smile, and the newness of dawn.

I think, in the end, the ones who have learned the strenuous balance between contentment and striving to be more brave and kind and patient every single day are the ones who will create the biggest difference in this world and I encourage you to be one of the few, my sweet friends.

Love and blessings,

Moriah grace

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