loving people, living for God, and making a difference.

1 John 4:11

Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.

Can I share a struggle of mine with you, today?

God has been tugging on my heart to share this, so here is a real, raw part of who I am that you may not entirely agree with, but I find that to be ok because I’m not necessarily sharing this to please every reader but for that one person who may, by God’s grace, find themselves reading word after word and needing exactly what He’s placed on my heart.

I’ve learned that vulnerability helps people to connect on a much deeper level, so here I am.

I often allow who I am to reside and eventually drown in a pit of insecurity due to the cause of a mere opinion. I struggle with it. a lot.

Recently its been a struggle to pour my heart out into words. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s simply that my thoughts have been shadowed by fear, not because of a situation but because of a war in my own heart.

I’m a people pleaser. Honestly, I love people and I want them to like me back.

However, I’ve learned that it’s not worth it when it comes to a point where I’ve allowed who God created me to be, to be lost in a deep pit of people’s individual opinions that I alone can’t satisfy nor achieve to please.

And the reality is, when we lose who we are deep down in that pit of insecurity, we also lose opportunities to love those around us. Because once we get caught in the cycle of attempting to please every single person around us we also become so insecure in who He created us to be that our central focus somehow shifts to every tiny mistake and fault and imperfection we see in ourselves to the point that its simultaneously impossible to please & love those around us.

I’ve learned that loving people like Jesus loves me is a necessity in my Christian walk. However, I don’t believe I’m called to please every dear soul I encounter, but that I’m called to please God. And that has made all the difference in the world.

I also believe it is entirely and perfectly acceptable to have different opinions with someone and genuinely love that person, all at the same time.

And I often think our culture has lost view of that.

I have a strong thought for this and I hope you can view it in the perspective I’m coming from.

We know the simple truth that God had twelve disciples and we know that they had different opinions because of what we read in the New Testament. They also each had diverse personalities and backgrounds, and I think in an absolutely amazing way it made them each unique, individual servants of God.

I find it interesting how we can read about their differences, yet we also often read about how they prayed together and I think, it would be difficult to pray with one another without loving one another. So, with that thought, despite their diversity and individuality we can still see that they had a bond of brotherly love through Christ. To make one thing clear because I would hate a misunderstanding, I’m not talking about doctrine at all, I realize the importance of that. I’m writing about minor opinions that have the power to, unfortunately, draw the biggest divide between brother and sisters in Christ.

I wholeheartedly believe God created everyone in a unique way and for a specific purpose which doesn’t make anyone less or more nor should it bring a divide between us, but it should bring a grace-filled kind of love that only comes from God, Himself.

I’m not a perfect Christian. I struggle, immensely. I’m not extremely wise or even a little, but I know and believe this one thing: we’re called to love one another.

First, I want to encourage you and myself just as much, to not lose yourself in a world that’s continually telling you to be this or that, but to be content with who He created you to be.

Please don’t drown in a pit of insecurity, but learn to confidently live out your purpose where you are and how you are without allowing fear to collide with the beauty of being an individual, beloved daughter or son of the most High.

Secondly, I believe we’re called to please God which should be our first and foremost priority in life. We can’t adequately and wholeheartedly love people if we’re not right with God -our very Source of love. When we’re pleasing God and Him alone I think we’ll find ourselves loving people more and more every day, simply because He is Love.

And even though, we’re constantly surrounded by the opinions of others and it can be immensely difficult to confidently be who He created us to be in a world that’s telling us who we should be, it doesn’t mean its impossible.

I don’t know His exact purpose for your life, but I know you can start living it out by loving people in even the simplest of ways. And by living it out, I can assure you that you’ll inspire someone else to do so along the way, as well.

I’ve observed one thing about many of us (including myself) and its that we struggle to love and pray for one another if we have opinions that contradict.

I haven’t figured out if its pride or simply a judgemental spirit, but I do know that it’s a sad reality.

To despise a brother or sister in Christ for a difference in opinion, not doctrine, but OPINION.

I think of every time I’ve ever held a grudge, every unnecessary argument I’ve had, and every bit of pride my heart has held in my not extremely long, compared to some, Christian walk. And wow is it humbling.

I can’t help but think:

Was it worth the pain?

Was it worth the guilt?

Was it worth the heartbreak?

Was it worth the division?

In the end, I don’t think we’ll be known for our opinions, but for the way, we lived for God and loved one another.

I really believe that’s what will count the most.

To love one another despite each other’s personalities, backgrounds, and personal convictions.

We live in a world that hates more than loves, blames instead of forgives, and puts others down when they could be lifting up.

What a difference I think we could make if we genuinely saw loving people and being an encourager as an opportunity to shine His light and not as something we ‘have’ to do.

Just a few thoughts that have been on my heart lately. Love and blessings,

– Moriah grace

6 thoughts on “loving people, living for God, and making a difference.

  1. WOW. The words that God gave you for this post are so beautiful and are changing the world. Keep being BOLD and don’t let someone’s opinion keep you from loving on everyone around you the way God did.

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  2. Moriah you have blessed my heart this morning, it is so good to see how God is using you. You and your family have a very special place in my heart.

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  3. Thank you so much!! I really needed that..
    On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 10:15 Quintessentially living wrote:
    > quintessentiallyliving posted: ” Can I share a struggle of mine with you, > today? God has been tugging on my heart to share this, so here is a real, > raw part of who I am that you may not entirely agree with, but I find that > to be ok because I’m not necessarily sharing this to please ev” >

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