A letter to the hurting

I never used to think it was okay to feel hurt, to show any sign of pain. I used to hide it all deep down inside. I’d hide the hurt behind a mask and gently say and do what was expected of me until I was alone in the darkness of night, it was then that I would finally allow the tears to fall.

I would allow the pain in my heart to gush out through a river of tears, yet it still never seemed to cause healing. I would wake up the next morning with the hurt still painfully lingering right where it was the day before.

It was during a difficult season of life that I had two people tell me something similar to what I’m about to tell you: “its okay to be sad. it’s okay if your heart hurts and its okay to feel pain. You don’t have to face each day hiding behind a mask when your heart is burdened down with so much pain.” And then, they prayed for me while the tears continuously slipped down my face.

I remember feeling my deep hurt transform into Divine Healing because I suddenly was no longer attempting to carry it all on my own. And I think I would have hidden that hurt and pain way deep down in my heart forever if it wasn’t for those simple words and those two kind, caring souls.

Life is beautiful, but I don’t ever want to be so naive as to think it doesn’t involve hurt nor pain. If you, like me, tend to hide the hurt that comes life’s way from a whispered goodbye to a dreadful disease or any difficult situation and circumstance that may come your way by hiding behind a mask of who you think you need to be, I want to tell you this: pushing that hurt way deep down in your heart so you don’t have to feel it does not cause healing, but rather more pain.

To prevent that constant stab of pain you must eventually fully submerse yourself in it, you must feel it, somehow. It will only grow worse the longer you keep it inside, the longer you nurture it. To eliminate it, you have to go to Love, Himself. You have to go to God, to the people you love, and no matter how difficult it may seem to share your burdened heart, please know that it is far more difficult to carry it on your own.. people care about you. They care about every bit of you, including the hurt and I wholeheartedly believe that they’re willing to help carry your burdened heart.

I always excused that truth simply because I never wanted to share my hurt with the ones I loved, but eventually, the hurt you carry will spread to the ones around you in some way or form, and it’s better to do it sooner rather than later when the hurt has only grown more painful.

There is always someone who cares and if you don’t have someone in your life to go to, then go to God. He cares about you soo much, I wish I could explain, but words could never suffice to describe how good and loving and kind He is.

Also, I’m here. I care more than you could realize. If you need encouragement feel free to email/message me.

My goal is to be more like Jesus every day and to be more like Him is to love people like He does.

I don’t want to judge you or compare the pain, because I believe no matter the valley or mountain you have to climb that your hurt and pain and tears are valid and by believing that it’s not so important as to need tending, healing, loving, and prayed for is only a lie from the enemy.

I simply want to be someone you can go to just like those two kind souls who welcomed me with open arms. you’re loved beyond measures, and I hope you can soak in that beautiful truth today. know this one last thing: your heart may feel a little broken and you may feel like you’re not worthy to be loved, but those are just feelings. The truth is, because of an extraordinary act from our loving Father, you are so beyond worthy of love. And maybe, accepting His Divine Healing is the bravest thing you could ever do. 💫

With all my love,

Moriah grace

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