to know + be known.

Here is a chapter of my story, one that may seem so simple + senseless yet it feels like a whole book could be written from the complexity hidden beneath each word.

Two years of my life were spent on an island called Sicily, Italy. It seems like a dream that many would long for, but it happened to be the loneliest two years of my life. One of friendships I wished to have, of longing to be involved, and of a desire to have a connection with other real-life people. I had never known nor felt such deep desperation to be known + to know. I share this, because I know I’m not the only one who struggles with loneliness and I would hate for my pride to be a blockade of selfishness rather than to simply break down the walls of vulnerability that I tend to build so high, but I also share this to tell you that while those two years held many unwelcomed tears and an aching heart it also held something that I now hold so dear to my frail heart.

Behind the depth of my desperation to be known and seen and loved through every tear and every cry He found me, or rather, I found Him. I began to unravel every mystery behind seeking + searching + finding + becoming closer to the dearest Friend I could have ever known.

It was when I thought I had nothing, that I found everything. It was at my lowest, that I found the Highest. It was in my despair, that I found deliverance.

It was in the two loneliest years of my life that He showed Himself to me in ways I could have never imagined.

And I think, maybe, He uproots us from everything we’ve ever known to plant us in places we’ve never heard of solely for the purpose of finding Him when we thought we already knew Him, but oh how little we really did.

To the ones in a season of loneliness, I pray that you treasure this season and use it as a means of seeking + searching for the One who can meet every need of your brave heart.

I hope that in your longing to be loved and known, that you can know Love Himself.

Because having that desire to know Him from the depth of my heart and soul is when I found everything I ever needed. I wouldn’t change those two years of loneliness for anything, because in them, I found a Friend like no other. One who loved me even when I thought I was too unlovable, who was by my side in the hours of every early morning, and who embedded in me the passion for loving others as He loves me. please know that He can be that some One for you, too. 💗

Love and blessings,

Moriah grace

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