A 3 Step Course to Develop a Deeper relationship with God.

When I mentioned a 3 step Bible course on my Instagram, I didn’t necessarily mean “here follow these three steps and you’ll be able to read your bible every single day.”

No, I meant something a little more than just that, something that goes a bit deeper than the surface of these words and straight to a change of heart.

Because, honestly, I get it. Just last week, I overslept, rushed out the door for work and before I knew it it was ten o’clock at night and I still hadn’t intentionally sat down and spent time with God. I was tired, distracted, and I struggled to focus. We all have those days or even a few of them, so I’m not here to pretend that I have it all together, but I’m here to say this: let’s stop making excuses and start growing in Christ, together.

I want us to learn, see, and experience that Bible reading is a daily Divine appointment with God Himself and not just a check off on our daily to-do. It’s showing up over and over again and experiencing an intimate relationship with God as our Heavenly Father.

Bible reading should be something in our Christian life that we’re exhilarated to do every day, but yet its quickly become something that we push aside as unimportant. It’s a sad, disheartening reality, that we as Christians often struggle in the simplest factor of our faith, but I also believe that in no way is the final result to who we are, but rather that we have a daily choice to change that reality. So, it begins with us. It begins with a catalyst of little actions of obedience that in return, turn into unwavering faith-filled actions of obedience to God.

This isn’t simply three steps to becoming a “better Christian” This is three in-depth thoughts that He has placed so heavily on my heart which has, in turn, led me to write this post. It’s something that I’ve always believed we as Christians should be immensely passionate about because, in the whole entirety of the matter, our daily not only bible reading but our relationship with God as a whole is the absolute basis of our Christian faith. It starts there, so here are three steps to encourage you on a deeper level to ponder where you are now and where you would like to be concerning your relationship with God.

1. Care enough to show up.

You have to have a desire, and you can’t nurture that desire without first showing up. For example, you know how in a friendship it takes two people to consistently show up with a desire to grow in their friendship? Well, this is no different. We can’t expect to grow, without the desire to do so. We can’t expect great things, with wavering, inconsistent faith. We can’t expect to see a change in our lives and hearts if we don’t create a change in our actions first. It begins with us- with letting go of our natural desire to remain as one day on and one day off Christians and to begin nurturing a desire of daily fellowship with God by putting aside our excuses and showing up even in our weakest state of being. Challenge: Care enough to show up.

2. Curate your desire to grow.

One thing is easy, and that’s to remain comfortable. But may I ask, when was the last time being comfortable changed your life for the better? While comfort may bring pleasure, it certainly doesn’t bring anything else but that. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my life to be one of comfortable pleasure, but one of growth. One that stretches me farther than I thought I could and molds to be something I thought I could never be. It begins with letting go of our desire to be comfortable and to curate a deep, distinguishable desire to be serious about God. I’m afraid until we can grasp that, we’ll only remain right where we are now. Challenge: Curate your desire to grow.

3. Create a plan of action.

If you’re sitting here reading these words and feel a tug on your heart to cultivate a deeper relationship with God but, in the end, you don’t take action, I feel sorry that you wasted your time reading this post. Because I’m not writing this to simply give you a 10 second desire to draw closer to God and then having that desire dissipate into the air as nothing, but I want you to leave with a day long, a month-long, and even a year-long (or more) desire to seek God through His Word in a way you never have before. And the honest truth is, that requires action on our part. It requires having a plan and then fulfilling the amount of effort that is required to complete that plan. I don’t know, maybe you already have a Bible reading schedule that you’re consistent and faithful to, that’s amazing! But if you don’t, I want to help you create a plan of action.

I’m sharing a few links below that will take you to some free, simple monthly Bible reading challenges that will get you the start you need. I know everyone is different and these challenges may not work for you, but I still highly encourage you to find a challenge that will work for you or at least create one that works for you. It doesn’t necessarily matter what your plan of action is, as long as you have a start and stay faithful to that start.

A Plea for Personal Revival + Bible Reading Challenge


Perfect Peace June Topical Bible Reading Challenge

I hope with all my heart that this could be helpful or encouraging in some way or another. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below. 🙂

Love and blessings,

Moriah grace

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