My word for May: expectant.

Because I spend far too much time doubting & wondering what He is going to do instead of trusting & believing that He is already at work placing every detail right where it needs to be and aligning everything in His perfect way.

Instead of doubting His plan, I’m choosing to stand in absolute wonder as He unfolds it a little bit more to me with each passing day.

I’m learning to be expectant because He always does more than I could ever imagine and He has never given me a reason to not believe in His desires for my life.

To be expectant of the beautiful things God is doing is to experience His peace at full.

Here are our few lil things I’ve been reminding myself of lately & I hope will help you, too.

GOD is at work & everything He does is filled with His overwhelming goodness, mercy, and grace.

GOD desires to use us for His glory so why would we ever discredit that by sitting on the sidelines?

GOD never discounts our feelings of inadequacy, but rather takes them & uses them to do things we once thought we never could.

GOD is making everything beautiful in His time. I dare you to take that to heart.

GOD wants to use you, but it’s up to you to make yourself available to be used by Him. 💛

Love & blessings,

Moriah grace

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