A Time to Pray

God: “I miss you. Please talk to me, I want to hear your voice again.”

It’s time people get serious about prayer and start making it a daily importance in their life not just something they have to do, but something they get to do. Talking to God is a great privilege we should never, ever take for granted.

Is your prayer life struggling? I’m gonna be completely honest, mine is.

Sometimes our spiritual life becomes so routine we just ask God for the things we want, thank Him, and continue on, our prayers become the same thing every day.

We get so caught up in the things of the world, what OTHERS think of us, what we NEED to have, and what we HAVE to do that we forget about the facts that God thinks of us, we’re beautiful in His image, what we HAVE, and what we GET to do.

Today I challenge you to start your days with an “I get to” mentality, keep a prayer journal and cross out and thank God for the prayers He answers whether you like the answer or not because He does answer every single one of our prayers, sometimes it just takes time.

Also, set a specific time to talk to God, I promise it will help your prayer life tremendously!

with love, Charity

3 thoughts on “A Time to Pray

  1. Well written post! Thank you for the encouragement to pray. One book that really helped my prayer life was Prayer: Asking and Receiving by Dr. John R. Rice. You should check it out- it’s amazing! Keep looking up and kneeling down!
    Love in Christ,

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