A Little More Like Jesus

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I’ve been reflecting on everything this year has held from each transition to every opportunity God has allowed me to have.

From working all winter, graduating in the spring, working at camps throughout the summer, and completing my first semester of college in the fall. This year has held so many doubts and fears, yet simultaneously it has brought about so much faith.

Strangers have become friends, some of my greatest fears have faded into grace, prayer has become my life-line, and experience has been my greatest thrill. Throughout this year God has worked and moved in ways I have never seen Him move before.

There were nights spent on my knees because I had no idea what my tomorrow would hold and there were moments I felt I had no voice to pray at all, but it was in the midst of those moments I had learned to become more dependent upon God rather than my circumstances.

I can’t say I’ve accomplished anything, because I really haven’t, but I can say God has done SO much and it’s been the most rewarding thing to be a small part of it all.

I’ve learned humility in the most painful, yet beautiful of ways.

Mostly, God has taught me how to love past who I am and to the point where I had no more love left to give, and yet He still kept pouring His own love into me.

God taught me that I’m nothing but a vessel that He desires to use for His glory. A thought that leaves me in complete awe almost every day.

After everything God has shown and taught me this year, I still sit here in the quiet of my home, my fingertips typing letter after letter as God gently whispers into my heart “You still have so much more to learn.”

I was praying and thinking about everything I could only dream about for 2020. I have ambitions and plans, ideas and goals, that I can only pray will be a part of this next year. But as I sit here in the midst of my excitement that tends to put a spark in my heart God made me realize just one thing.

I can dream all the dreams, and plan all the trips, I can do all the things, and let my attention gather around all my neatly, thought-out ambitions. I can even hope to become some sort of something great, but in the end what will that matter?

If I haven’t become any more like Jesus then is it not all done in vain?

As I enter into this new year sometime soon I’m striving to rest in the promise that He knows my hearts desires.

I’m left with only one goal for this new year, that is: To be a little more like Jesus.

That’s all I really want, because by the time this next year comes around and I look back to see who I’ve become– I hope to see a reflection of Jesus in the simplest of forms.

In the smiles that I give and the love I pour out, in the words that I speak and the places I go, in my heart and mind, and in all that I am.

I just hope to be a little more like Christ.

I hope for people to see something more than just me when they look my way– I hope they see Jesus, more than anything else.

My friend, you can make all the resolutions and you can write down your every ambition, but I hope you can also become a little more like Jesus above anything and everything else.

I pray this new year that is soon to come is filled with God’s blessing and that the dreams that you dream become a part of your life, but mostly, I pray that we all become a little more like Christ.

Love and blessings,

Moriah grace




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