Be A Blessing In Your Battles

The Lord has put the thought of doubt on my heart so much as of late. Not only because it’s been a personal struggle of mine, but because I believe there are so many others who struggle with it and would never admit it (which is something I understand).

I’ve struggled with it in many areas of my life from who I am in Christ to the every day little things that plague may mind.

We’ve all heard it said that the devil knows your weakness and is going to use that to bring you down. If were being honest, it makes perfect sense that I doubt a lot. It’s my weakness, and it’s what the devil is going to use to make me believe I don’t belong and I’m unworthy.

Doubting is the exact opposite of faith; it contradicts everything I believe to be true and it belittles what God has called me to do.

Last semester at college I heard one of my professors say something along these lines, “If the devil can’t get you to fail in any other area he’s going to make you doubt that you’re where God wants you and doing what God wants you to do.”

That’s been something that has stuck with me and if I’m being entirely honest, that was a statement that probably kept me in college and got me through my fall semester.

I didn’t necessarily struggle with school work or trying to keep up with the every day to day things, but I did struggle with doubt, with feeling like I shouldn’t have ever gone to college, and believing that I had no purpose there.

Some days I hardly wanted to show up, because I made the mistake of allowing the devil to get into my heart and mind.

It happens to all of us. We all struggle with doubt on different levels, but it’s not something that should remain to be a struggle. It’s something that we need to be persistently fighting until it is no longer a weakness, but rather our strength.

I want to share a few verses that I have clung too in my times of doubting who I was in Christ and who He has called me to be.

Nehemiah 8:10

“The joy of the Lord is your strength”

This verse has been my life-line during so much heartache. It doesn’t seem like a verse many people would go to during seasons of doubt, but it’s been a verse that I’ve kept close. It’s reminded that on the days that I didn’t want to show up and on the days were I felt like a nobody that He was my strength, as well as my source of joy. Nothing in this world could offer the sweet joy of Jesus when you’re in the midst of battling doubt and every person’s small opinion hits you like a brick.

Another verse is this one,

Isaiah 55:8-9

8. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

This is probably not another passage one would bring you to during times of doubting, but it’s one that has carried me through the past three years of much transition, hurt, and doubt.

Not because it comforted me or because it made me feel worthy, but because it took my eyes off of my own plans and ideas and dreams and made me realize that God’s plans are so much greater and higher than my own.

The thing about doubt is that it’s all in your head, and all it takes is for you to get your focus off of yourself and on to something greater and higher than what you could ever imagine to over come that doubt.

His plans are greater and higher, and if He has called you to where you are and who you are than there’s nothing that’ll help you overcome it than getting your eyes off of yourself and serving wholeheartedly right where God wants you.

That’s one thing that I have known to be true during seasons of doubt.

To be a blessing in the midst of your own battles.

It’s going to be a daily battle, and it’s going to be a difficult one, but it’s one worth fighting.

Learn to be a blessing even in the midst of your own battles.

That’s what I’m learning; that’s been my heartbeat. That’s what is keeping me going, step by step.

I hope this could be a blessing and encouragement.

With love,

Moriah grace

3 thoughts on “Be A Blessing In Your Battles

  1. Such a great post, Moriah! I’m sorry you’ve had some rough times, but so glad to hear that they’ve brought you closer to the Saviour. It’s such a comfort to know that He is directing our steps, no matter how dim the future may look today. His plans are far better than we can imagine. 🙂
    love in Christ,

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