He Gives & He Takes Away

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He gives & He takes away.
It has a lot to do with losing an old friend or buying a new house,
with saying a hard goodbye while simultaneously stepping into the unknown.
with giving something up in order for something greater to come along.
It looks a lot like losing, but in the end we gain so much more.
Sometimes it comes in the form of tears and other times it’s a simple smile.
We think we know best, yet our best is nothing but a worn down idea of what we think we want or need.
We think we can call the shots and have everything just the way we want, but in the end it’s only misfortune and heartache that takes us back to the feet of Jesus, once again.
He gives & He takes away.
And who are we to decided whether our mediocre lives deserve to be any better or worse?
It’s humility wrapped up in its finest form when God decides to take everything we’ve grown to love away.
It’s the sense of gratitude at the peak of the mountain top when He gives more than what we once wanted or deserve.
Who are we to say otherwise?
To simply nod our heads in agreement would suffice. When looking at it from a heavenly perspective it becomes so much more clear that ultimately He’s the one in control despite what we’ve always known. It’s been something we should have surrendered to from the beginning of all our hopes & dreams, and maybe it would’ve led to facing less bitter disappointments in the end- sweet, submissive surrender has always had a way of doing just that. 


Love and blessings, 

Moriah grace 

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