Ruth 2 – Ruth’s Faithfulness

In Ruth chapter 2, we see that Ruth had asked Naomi if she could go out to the fields to glean corn and wheat. 

I feel like Ruth is someone many of us could strive to be like- humble and obedient in the ordinary and mundane of her everyday life. 

Two things I struggle with, daily. 

But that only means one thing: there is room for steady growth and where there is room for growth there is hope for improvement, however small it may be. 

This chapter reflects Ruth’s humility in such a distinct way that it makes me stop and think “God really wants us to learn something about humility in this chapter” there’s no way around it (I checked), so we’re gonna walk right through the middle of it.

The reason I struggle to talk about humility is because it makes me realize how much I lack it in my life and then I have to pray for it, and that’s always been a scary prayer for me. 

It brings me back to sitting next to Naomi while Ruth is out in Boaz fields gleaning wheat, barley, and corn in all her humble beauty to be obedient to that which the Lord had called her to do. 

I wish I could say I was like that- that when God asks me to do something small and tedious and not so lovely that I would jump to it in a humble manner rather than sitting back and telling him all the reasons why I simply could not do that certain thing- whatever it may be. 

This happens to me in a drive through window when He impresses on my heart to speak of His love or when He asks me to befriend someone that’s not quite like me or when He wants me to do something kind for someone, but it’s incredibly inconvenient for my, so I think, busy life.

But what a sweet reminder that Ruth has for us. As she stayed faithful in taking care of Naomi by going to the fields to collect leftover barley and wheat. 

While she was out there on her knees, in the heat of the day, collecting all the leftover grains. I can imagine it was far from an ideal situation.

But I think, if Ruth believed one thing it would’ve been this: God is faithful and He always rewards the obedient in heart. 

And the truth remains the same today, God is SO faithful. And all He desires is our faithful obedience to Him in the everyday, ordinary of our lives. 

If only we could learn to be faithful in our everyday lives. I think many other things would fall right into place.

Stay faithful in the seemingly small things, my friends !! You can always see how big God is when you’re faithful in the small things.

Love and blessings,

Moriah Grace

4 thoughts on “Ruth 2 – Ruth’s Faithfulness

  1. Oh yes, I’m right there with Naomi too – waiting at the house, staring out the window while Ruth obeys. God’s been having to work in my heart a lot to obey Him immediately, and as you said, that takes a lot of humility (and trust). Excited for the next part!

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