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Moriah Grace

Words, thoughts, and reflections that echo my heart in hopes that they will also reflect the goodness & graciousness of God.

Hi, friend! My name is Moriah grace and I am so thrilled that you’re here! I am a teacher, writer, and coffee enthusiast, but overall my heart and prayer is that these words may create a community of hope-filled stories and vulnerable truths that take us from the reality of humanity right to the feet of Jesus.

I believe words of vulnerability, compassion, and heart-filled truths are the very gate way to our heart and soul. May we learn to speak truth, with vulnerability, out of compassion and with a tender determination that it will eventually take us from the weary heart of humanity to the ever-welcoming feet of Jesus.

moriah grace

a few of my words + heart

The Heart of Surrender

Surrender is so sweet, but when it comes to surrendering those things in our lives that we hold a little too closely it suddenly seems more like a burden than a blessing. And that is when our perspective of surrender is so misplaced. It always brings me back to the love of Jesus and I […]

The devils doubts can’t outweigh God’s promises.

The devil is so cruel. And we often are so blinded by the crafty ways he works and moves in our lives. I know that may not be the most encouraging words you have ever read, but I want to be as real and vulnerable as possible right now. I can’t stop thinking about how […]

Ruth 4 – God’s Faithfulness

The last chapter in the book of Ruth consists of Boaz and Ruth’s marriage and then continues on with the genealogy of David.  While reading through the book of Ruth I was overwhelmed by how much God had showed me that I had never realized before, and that still didn’t even scratch the surface of […]

Ruth 3 – Naomi’s Selflessness

While reading Ruth chapter 3 I couldn’t help but think how easy and tempting it would have been for Naomi to want Ruth for herself, as her only daughter left to keep her company, and to be a help around her home.  It would have been easier and much more comfortable for Naomi to have […]


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